CNR-Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Tecnologia dei Materiali

Via dei Taurini 19- Roma- Italy

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Tools available @ laboratories

Electronic & Chemical & Magnetic Characterization

Optical spectroscopy
Chemical analysis
Electron spectroscopy

Structural & Morphology Characterization

Dispersed-phases characterisation
Scanning probe microscopy
Surface/overlayer/interface characterisation
Light and acoustic microscopy
HF magnetic field imaging
Electron and ion beam technologies
X-ray analysis

Growth & Synthesis

Chemical depositions of thin films
Physical depositions of thin films
Thermal treatments
Soft matter synthesis

Nano to Micro/Macro

2D/3D bio-printing
thick films and coatings production
Thermal analysis
Synthesis of dispersed-phases
3D shaping
Electrical analysis
Rheology analysis
Mechanical analysis