Engineering of colloids

Nano to Micro/Macro (Synthesis of dispersed-phases)

The engineering of colloids allows to obtain colloids, nanofluids, emulsions, gels which have various applications ranging from microfluidics, to life sciences, energy, environmental technology etc. It represents the first step required to produce inks, pastes and/or suspensions for the subsequent application, either in form of coating or 3D structures. The control of colloidal stability and surface charge interactions among the involved phases enable to optimize the design strategy and the final functional performance.

Available techniques:

  • dispersion of nanoparticles in water, glycols, oils by the proper selection of surfactants and by various dispersion processes (sonication, high pressure homogenization, ball milling)
  • heterocoagulation: inorganic nanoparticles with opposite surface charge can be closely coupled promoting the formation of composite or hybrid materials enabling new syngergistic effects


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