Your platform to carry out cutting edge research

at the frontier of the nanosciences

A comprehensive and unique combination of services and techniques for a broad academic user community & industries. allows researchers to face complex nanoscience challenges that cannot be provided by any single research infrastructure alone. Combined access to resources of internationally competitive academic and research centre laboratories and Analytical Large- Scale Facilities (ALSFs) is available with new upgrades.

A network of outstanding expertise and world-class facilities

A pan-European consortium of 24 international partners with a core of 13 co-located nanofoundries and LSFs. More than 180 techniques are currently available to our users in the field of nanoscience and nano-microtechnology.

Addressing key bottlenecks of nanoscience research

The NFFA Europe research infrastructure integrates nanofoundries (synthesis, growth and manipulation of nanostructures) with fine analysis, theory and simulation. Thanks to the wide spectrum of available techniques and services, researchers accessing the NFFA-Europe facilities can control and design the properties of materials from the nano- to the micro-scale, and even up to the macro-scale.

The widest range of tools for research at the nanoscale

Free of charge access for academia and industry thanks to the Horizon 2020 Pilot project.


A new model of a Sustainable, Integrated, Interoperable Distributed Research Infrastructure

Thanks to the support of the European Union, a new pilot model of sustainable
research is currently being developed, resting on the following pillars:

  • Optimal integration of the infrastructure services at the research level, by optimizing the combined access to a broad catalogue of state-of-the-art and unique facilities.
  • Interoperability at the data production and exploitation levels as a roadmap towards a new model of research infrastructure based on the creation of FAIR by-design datasets and the development of data analysis services.
  • A new generation of researchers trained to formulate their science objectives and research work programmes by taking full advantage of the interoperable research infrastructures of Europe.
  • Long-term sustainability through optimization of good practices and investment by the Consortium members contributing to the co -creation process of Horizon Europe strategies and programmes.

Message from the coordinator

It is one of our aims to create a sustainable, long-term research infrastructure and to train a new generation of researchers in formulating their science objectives and research work-programmes by taking full advantage of NFFA Europe research infrastructure.

Giorgio Rossi

Our roots


A group of five European research institutions got together and systematically studied the feasibility of a European cluster of nanoscience facilities.


NFFA-EUROPE implemented the first open-access research infrastructure as a platform supporting comprehensive projects for multidisciplinary research at the nanoscale extending form synthesis to nanocharacterization to theory and numerical simulation.


Aims at expanding and consolidating the service offer by becoming a fully Interoperable Distributed Research Infrastructure for Nanoscience (IDRIN) supporting research on materials and functional systems at the nanoscale and at the microscale.

How to reach us

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