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Strategic level

General Assembly (GeAs)

Ultimate decision-making body of the NEP Consortium. It consists of one Delegate per Partner, who may appoint a substitute at any meeting.

At present, members of the General Assembly are (deputies in brackets):

CNR: Stefano Fabris
AU: Søren Vrønning Hoffmann
CEA: Narciso Gambacorti
CNRS: Michel de Labachelerie (Andrea Cattoni)
CSIC: Luis Fonseca (Xavier Obradors)
DESY: Thomas Keller
El.En: Giovanni Masotti
EPFL: Nicola Marzari (Elsa Passaro)
ESRF: Ennio Capria
eXact-lab: Francesco de Giorgi
FORTH: Emmanuel Stratakis (Argyro Klini)
FZJ: Flavio Carsughi
ICN2: Pablo Ordejon
INL: Dmitri Petrovykh
JRC: Pascal Colpo (Dora Mahn)
KIT: Rossella Aversa (Rainer Stotzka)
LU: Ivan Maximov
PROMOSCIENCE: Riccardo Brancaleon (Mara Marchesan)
PSI: Christian David (Yasin Ekinci)
TUG: Heinz Amenitsch
TUM: Christian Back
UAB: Carme Nogués (Núria Barba)
UMIL: Giovanni Onida
UNG: Giovanni De Ninno


Linked Third Parties are not Members of the General Assembly but are entitled to take part in all meetings as observers.

Linked Third Parties are represented by (deputies in brackets):

SOLEIL: Rachid Belkhou
Elettra: Michela Bassanese (Renato Gioppo)
PRUAB: David Sierra Hernández (Lidia Aguilera Martínez)



Coordinator (CO)

Contracting partner of the EU and the main “engine” of interactions between the different bodies or parties. The Primary Coordinator Contact is responsible for safeguarding the efficient implementation of the project and communication flow.



Coordinator of NFFA-Europe Pilot is CNR.

Primary Coordinator Contact: Prof. Giorgio Rossi.



Executive and Strategic Committee (ESC)

Main executive body that acts in compliance with the directives of the GeAs, the CA and the GA; it coordinates and supervises the implementation of the project. It is supported by the Experts (see below) for the development of strategic orientations and actions. 



Is chaired by the Primary Coordinator Contact (CO) and includes the 5 Axis-Coordinators (ACs):

Giorgio Rossi - Coordinator (CO)
Laura Esposito (CNR) - Project Management Axis Coordinator (PM-AC)
Cristina Africh (CNR) - Interoperable Distributed Infrastructure Axis Coordinator (IDRIN-AC)
Giuseppe Piero Brandino (eXact-lab) - Data Management Axis Coordinator (DM-AC)
Luis Fonseca (CSIC) - User Access Axis Coordinator (UA-AC)
Emmanuel Stratakis (FORTH) - Joint Activities Axis Coordinator (JA-AC)

consultancy level

Access Review Panel (ARP)

External independent peer review panel responsible for the selection and scientific evaluation of the proposals submitted by potential users requesting access to the project’s installations. It is composed of 12-15 independent members with collective scientific knowledge in nanoscience and nano-to-micro analysis and technology, covering all the science domains that can be supported by the NFFA-Europe infrastructure.




At present, members of the Access Review Panel are:

Michèle Sauvage (Chairperson), Synchrotron SOLEIL (France)
Jean Philippe Colombier, Université of Lyon St Etienne (France)
Jolien Dendooven, Ghent University (Belgium)
Artur Erbe, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany)
Emily Gaudry, Université de Lorraine (France)
Antonija Grubisic-Cabo, KTH (Sweden)
Alexej Kalaboukhov, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
Javier Martinez, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain)
Nini Pryds, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Jacobo Santamaria, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)
Kristiaan Temst, KU Leuven (Belgium)
Eva Valsami-Jones, University of Birmingham (UK)
Herman Van Tilbeurgh, University Paris Saclay (France)




Experts and Expert Groups

Support the ESC in: exploring novel ways of integration in the European RI Landscape; ensuring connection to the EOSC; liaising with well-established and starting IAs and with PILOT projects; establishing a pathway towards long-term sustainability; and aligning the whole consortium with the most advanced standards and experimentations in the domain of nano-safety.




There are two Expert Groups and four Experts:

Long Term Sustainability Expert Group: CHAIR Caterina Petrillo (University of Perugia), Costas Fotakis (FORTH)

Nanosafety Group: Dmitri Petrovykh (INL)

Expert of the Landscape - European Landscape of RIs: Regina Ciancio (CNR)
Expert of the Landscape - Landscape of International RIs: Dmitri Petrovykh (INL)
Expert of EC-policy on RIs: Roberta Ferranti (CNR)
Expert of the EOSC (E-EOSC): Andy Goetz (ESRF)

operational level

User Access Axis Coordination Board

Is responsible for the implementation of the Transnational and Virtual Access activities. 



It is composed of the User Access Work Package leaders:

Axis Coordinator: Luis Fonseca 

WP3-TA1 Lithography and Patterning - Yasin Ekinci (PSI)
WP4-TA2 Growth and Synthesis - Xavier Obradors (CSIC)
WP5-TA3 Structural and Morphological Characterization - Susan Anson (KIT)
WP6-TA4 Electonic, Chemical and Magnetic Characterization - Emmanuel Stratakis (FORTH)
WP7-TA5 Nano to Micro/Macro - Luis Fonseca (CSIC)
WP8-TA6 Theory and Simulation - Simone Piccinin (CNR)
WP9-VA Virtual Access - Rossella Aversa (KIT)



Joint Activities Axis Coordination Board

Is responsible for the implementation of the Joint Activities. 



It is composed of the Axis Coordinator and the Joint Activities Work Package leaders:

Axis Coordinator: Emmanuel Stratakis 

WP11-JA1 Real-time observation in microscopy and spectroscopy - Giovanni De Ninno (UNG)
WP12-JA2 X-Ray wavefront metrology, correction and manipulation - Christian David (PSI)
WP13-JA3 Nano-engineering and pattern transfer methods - Ivan Maximov (LU)
WP14-JA4 A safe-by-design platform for nanomaterials - Hiram Castillo Michel (ESRF)
WP15-JA5 Correlative nano-spectroscopy and nano-diffraction - Thomas Keller (DESY)
WP16-JA6 Implementing FAIR data approach within NEP - Giuseppe Piero Brandino (eXact lab)
WP17-JA7 Communication and dissemination - Flavio Carsughi (FZJ)
WP18-JA8 Bridging academic and industrial research - Ennio Capria (ESRF)



Data Management Axis Coordination Board

Coordinates the development of innovative data services and tools and monitors the data infrastructure usage. It also promotes the data policy and data workflows among NEP users and providers through the TLNet and ensures appropriate implementation of the FAIR data approach across the project.



The board includes Work Package leaders related to data:

Axis Coordinator: Giuseppe Piero Brandino 

WP9-VA leader Rossella Aversa (KIT)
WP16-JA6 leader Giuseppe Piero Brandino (eXact lab)



Interoperable Distributed Infrastructure Axis Coordination Board

Is responsible for the coordinated management of NEP facilities as a single interoperable infrastructure and for the early identification of possible technical and managerial problems (at the operative infrastructure level) and of risk mitigation actions.



It includes the user access coordinator, the TLNet coordinator, the UONet coordinator, the Data Management coordinator

Axis Coordinator: Cristina Africh

UA-Axis Coordinator - Luis Fonseca (CSIC)
DM-Axis Coordinator - Giuseppe Piero Brandino (eXact lab)
TLNet Coordinator - Roberto Gotter (CNR)
UONet Coordinator - Roberta Ferranti (CNR)



Project Management Axis Coordination Board

Is responsible for monitoring all WPs status, for the timeliness and quality control of deliverables and milestones, for the early identification of possible technical and managerial problems (at the project level), for risk mitigation actions, and for the management of innovation.



It is composed of:

Axis Coordinator: Laura Esposito 

UA-Axis Coordinator - Luis Fonseca (CSIC)
JA-Axis Coordinator - Emmanuel Stratakis (FORTH)
Financial Administrator - Zaida Obeid (CNR)