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Data Management


The European Commission encourages Open Science and FAIR data to improve and accelerate scientific research, to increase the engagement of society and to contribute significantly to economic growth.

Data Management Plan

NFFA-Europe Pilot Data Management Plan (NEP-DMP), that describes the measures envisaged to efficiently manage the data collected and generated during the project. The NEP-DMP is intended to be a living document: it will be updated as the implementation of the project progresses.

Research Data Policy

Users must manage the digital Research Data generated in line with the FAIR principles and take measures to make it possible for third parties to access, mine, exploit, reproduce and disseminate — free of charge and as soon as possible — the data, including associated metadata, needed to validate the results presented in scientific publications.


To standardize the terms used in the context of the NFFA-Europe Infrastructure.

NFFA Datashare

A data collaboration platform to store, access and share scientific data safely.

Trieste Advance Data Services (TriDAS)