Permeability analysis

Structural & Morphology Characterization (Surface/overlayer/interface characterisation)

Vapour and gas sorption can be measured in thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, nanocomposites, hybrids obtained with silica, ionic liquids, titania, organo-modified-clay, mesoporous silica, graphene and its derivatives. Studies can be performed using IGA system (Hiden Isochema) which uses the gravimetric technique to accurately measure the magnitude and dynamics of gas and vapour sorption on materials. The system can automatically measure sorption isotherms as well as investigating thermal desorption in diverse operating conditions, simultaneously evaluating kinetic and thermodynamic parameters such as diffusion coefficient and asymptotic uptake.

Water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide permeabilities are measured to study the barrier and ultra-high barrier properties of polymers, composites and nanocomposites. Small amounts of water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules can be detected and measured in several temperature and humidity conditions.

  • WATER PERMEABILIMETERS - To determine the WVTR of polymeric films (thickness = 30-180 µ).
  • OXYGEN PERMEABILIMETERS - MOCON OxTran 2/20. To determine,  the OTR of polymeric films (thickness = 30-180 micron) at specific condition of temperature and of relative humidity at upstream and downstreanm side of the film.
  • OXYGEN PERMEABILIMETERS – PERMEO2. features barometric compensation and automatic humidity adjustment. Complies with DIN 53380-3, ASTM D3985.
  • WATER AND CO2 PERMEABILIMETERS - MultiPerm H2O – CO2. With a IR sensor, allows characterizing barrier properties of films with two different gases with no need of substituting the sample. It complies with ASTM F2476, ISO 15106-2.

Diffusion kinetics of active compounds from polymer matrices to liquid surrounding media. Studies, performed by using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography or UV-Vis spectrophotometer, are devoted to identify and modelling the mechanisms responsible for drug release such as diffusion-controlled, chemically-controlled or swelling-controlled systems.


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