Formulation of fluids (inks, pastes, suspensions, colloids,etc.)

Nano to Micro/Macro (Synthesis of dispersed-phases)

The dispersion of nanoparticles in different fluids is a fundamental tool for obtaining colloids, nanofluids, emulsions, which have various applications ranging from microfluidics, to life sciences, energy, etc. Furthermore, this is the first step necessary to produce inks, pastes and/or suspension for the subsequent shaping steps, either for film or 3D structures production.

A set of techniques and extensive know-how are offered to disperse nanoparticles into fluids or produce ink and pastes :

  •  dispersion of nanoparticles in water, glycols, oils by the proper selection of surfactants and by various dispersion processes (sonication, high pressure homogenization, ball milling)
  • formulation of in inks, pastes, etc. in water or organic solvents suitable for the film deposition or 3D structure construction (three roll milling, centrifugal mixer, kneading machines) 


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