Tape casting

Nano to Micro/Macro (thick films and coatings production)

The process starts from the preparation of a stable suspension that is poured into a distributor (“doctor blade”) positioned upon a movable polymeric carrier. When the latter is put in motion, the suspension passes under the blades to give a wet sheet of determined thickness. Afterwards, the as-cast wet sheet reaches a closed chamber where the solvent evaporates to obtain flexible green tapes.

The final thickness of the tape is determined by adjustable blades (regulated through micrometer screws). 

The product thus obtained, after appropriate thermal treatments of “de-bonding” and sintering, gives rise to multi-laminates which can be of functional gradient or combinations of different materials.

This process allows to obtain flexible green products of high area and low thickness that can be easily cut (punched) and then stacked.

The optimization of the necessary thermal treatments (de-bonding and sintering) leads to a final functional graded product or a multilayer that can couple different materials

The casting bench available is able to produce tapes with a maximum width of 20 cm and a length of more than 3m, with thicknesses that can range from 50 µm to 1 mm. 

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