Slip casting

Nano to Micro/Macro (3D shaping)

This technology merge the competencies related to the formulation of a stable ceramic suspension with the ones linked to the production of a suitable mould in order to produce ceramic objects of  a complex shape.

Starting with the model and taking into consideration the shrinkage due to the following thermal treatments, the mould is designed and produced and can be used several times to obtain a small batch of complex objects. When the suspension is poured on the mould in fact, its walls extract the liquid due to the capillary force of the porous walls forming a dense ceramic layer on them.  The final thickness of this wall can be tailored as a function of the suspension powder loading and time of the processes.

Different additives are used to obtain a well stabilized and dispersed suspension that allows the production of homogenous ceramic green body ready for the consolidation treatments.                                                                                                             

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