3D shaping

LSIVP Laser surface and in-volume Patterning
Laser patterning is a technique for the controlled patterning of materials at micro- and nano-scales. It offers the ability to directly write patterns on the surface and complex 3D channels into the bulk of solid materials, also biomaterials. Applications can range from microfluidic systems and sensors to tissue engineering scaffolds.
SLS SLS selective laser sintering
Selective laser sintering (SLS) is a solid freeform fabrication technique. SLS produces physical models through a selective solidification of thermoplastic polymer and/or composites. The SLS technique uses a CO2 or Nd:YAG laser beam for scanning successive layers of powdered materials to create a 3D object.
3D MP 3D Micro Printing (MP)
3D Microprinting by fused filament fabrication or 3D inkjet printing shows enormous potential for the realization of 3D structures with microfeatures. Recent developments have enabled processing of diverse materials, from pure polymers to highly filled composites for creating functionality enhanced 3D multi-material parts with intricate features.
FDM FDM fused deposition modeling
FDM (Fused deposition Modeling) is a unique additive manufacturing technique where printers use a thermoplastic type of filament heated to reach its melting temperature, followed by layer by layer extrusion, thereby leading to the fabrication of a 3 dimensional structure.
Slip casting Slip casting
Slip casting is a common shaping technique that allows the production of complex ceramic shapes using specific moulds.
IM Injection moulding