Light and acoustic microscopy

FM Hybrid tomographic and Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy
The hybrid Optical Projection Tomography and Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (OPT-SPIM) is used to produce optical sectioning of molecular structures (soft materials, biological tissue, etc) with submicron resolution.
NLM Nonlinear microscopy
NLM takes advantage of tightly focused ultra-short laser pulses (fs) to excite non-linear optical phenomena like Second Harmonic Generation, Third Harmonic Generation, Two-Photon and Three-photon excited Fluorescence. Along with laser raster-scanning of the sample, non-linear imaging microscopy of large areas is accomplished within seconds.
OAM Optoacoustic microscopy
Photoacoustic microscopy is a novel diagnostic technique, mainly developed in biomedical research. It offers label-free optical absorption contrast of several biological molecules. Combination with traditional confocal fluorescence microscopy may provide multiparametric information high specificity, sensitivity and spatial resolution.
CM Confocal microscopy
Confocal microscopy (CM) is an optical imaging technique that creates a virtual plane or slice, many micrometers deep within the analyzed sample. Compared to conventional microscopy, it provides fine detailed images of higher quality and with more contrast. In addition, virtual 3-D images of the analyzed microstructure can be obtained.
LSCM laser scanning confocal microscopy
This technique has the mission of enabling researchers to visualise and to monitor cellular events in real time and in vivo down to the molecular level, enabling prolonged observations that are not possible with classic confocal microscopes and allowing unparalleled detail in soft matter imaging.
OTFM Optical Thin Film Metrology
Thin film reflectometry is a fast and easy technique used to measure the thickness of thin transparent and semi-transparent films on transparent and absorbing substrates. It covers a broad thickness range and can be applied to a high variety of material systems due to the large and extensible material library.