Hybrid tomographic and Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Structural & Morphology Characterization (Light and acoustic microscopy)

The hybrid Optical Projection Tomography and Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (or Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy) is capable of producing optical sectioning of molecular structures (soft materials, biological tissue, etc) with submicron resolution. The combination of OPT and SPIM provides both structural and functional information through absorption reconstruction and multispectral fluorescence sectioning, respectively.

The system is optimized for non-invasive, fast, low excitation energy measurements of live tissue at several time points for monitoring dynamic processes such cancer growth and invasion, drug delivery, chemotherapeutic efficiency and cytotoxicity.

The system incorporates multiple laser sources to cover the full palette of available fluorescence targets and stains, live cell imaging capabilities with environmental control and high frame rate acquisitions.

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