Dispersed-phases characterisation

MALS Multi Angle Light Scattering (MALS) (nanoparticle sizing)
MALS is a technique for measuring light scattered by a sample into a plurality of angles. It is used to determine both the absolute molar mass and the average size of molecules in solution. MALS is typically used as a flow-mode detector coupled to Asymmetric Flow Field Flow fractionation (AF4) or Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC).
DCS Disk centrifuge sedimentation (nanoparticle sizing)
Disc Centrifuge Sedimemtation (DCS) is able to separate particles or agglomerates of particles according to their mass (size and density) by sedimentation in a liquid density gradient. The size of the particles is calculated from their sedimentation time.
DLS Dynamic Light Scattering
DLS is a powerful tool for investigating the diffusion behaviour of macromolecules or particles in suspension polar or non-polar liquid media. It gives an estimate of the size of the particles by means of mathematical relations between light scattering and diffusion behaviour of particles.
ζ-potential ζ-potential
This electroacoustic-based technology allows the measurement of the zeta potential of particles dispersed in liquid media that is strictly related with the colloidal stability of the suspensions.
UAC Analytical Ultra Centrifuge (UAC) (nanoparticle/protein sizing)
The AUC is used to measure the size distribution of nanoparticles and macromolecules in suspension. The instrument performs well in the size distribution measurement of small nanoparticles from proteins and other macromolecules to viruses, liposomes and inorganic submicron particles.
WAS Wide Angle Static and Laser Diffraction
Laser diffraction (LD) measures particle size distribution in many systems (e.g. powders, suspensions, emulsions) in the range 0,1 µm - 3 mm. The intensity data is analyzed to calculate the size of the particles, using the Mie theory of light scattering. The particle size is reported as a volume equivalent sphere diameter.
NPTA Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
The NPTA technique allows the determination of the particle size distribution (PSD) profile and concentration of particles with a diameter of approximately 10-1000 nanometers in liquid suspension. Moreover, the fluorescence mode provides specific results for labelled particles.
AFFF Asymmetric Field Flow Fractionation with different detectors (MALS, DLS, UV-vis). Nanoparticle separation by sizes
The AF4 instrument separates nanoparticles according to their size in a liquid flow. The instrument can be on-line coupled with various concentration (UV-Vis, RI) and size measurement (DLS, MALS) detectors as well as with a fraction collector.