Job Announcements

Postdoctor in Nanolithography @ Lund University
nano-processing using high resolution lithographic techniques, including nanoimprint and block-copolymers.
16 Jun 2019
Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Physics
Trainee in Engineering for a project focus on Nanosafety @ ESRF
ESRF | Grenoble | France
Post-doc position in In-situ/In operando Electron Microscopy @ CNR-IOM
The successful candidate will work at the experimental activities concerning in operando characterization by transmission electron microscopy of different materials systems (e.g. catalysts, liquid/solid interfaces) in different environments (liquid, ambient pressure, etc...).
CNR-IOM | Trieste | Italy
PhD program in Nanotechnology @ University of Trieste
PhD program in Nanotechnology (2D materials at near ambient pressure: a fundamental spectroscopic approach)
University of Trieste | Trieste | Italy


PhD Student Offer in Lensless Imaging (Algorithm development)
Within the framework of a project to develop new concepts of coherent imaging techniques in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) range.
PSI | Villigen | Switzerland
Post Doc position in XAS in-operando spectroscopy
Within the framework of study of the catalytic properties of porous materials by XAS in-operando spectroscopy
20 Nov 2017
CNR-IOM | Trieste | Italy
Post-doc position in Growth and characterization of thin films @ CNR-IOM
The successful candidate will contribute to the experimental activities concerning the development of protocols for the growth of materials and heterostructures thin films by Pulsed Laser Deposition, in particular for the study of heterostructures based on strongly electron correlated materials.
CNR-IOM | Trieste | Italy
Permanent position for Equipment Technician or Engineer @ Lund
LNL is now seeking a qualified Equipment Technician/Engineer who will be responsible for service and preventive and corrective maintenance on a variety of tools and support equipment.
14 Jan 2018
Lund University, Sweden
Post-doc for (f/m) Nanotransfer
NANOLAB DESY, Hamburg location, is seeking: Scientist (Postdoc) (f/m) Nanotransfer.
10 May 2018
DESY | Hamburg | Germany
Post-doc position in Electron Microscopy @ CNR-IOM
The successful candidate will work at the experimental activities concerning characterisation by scanning and transmission electron microscopy of nanostructured materials, with particular reference to heterostructures based on strongly correlated materials.
20 Jul 2018
CNR-IOM | Trieste | Italy
Project Engineer in Nanotechnology @ ESRF
In the framework of two projects (NFFA and the IRT NanoElec), ESRF is recruiting a Project Engineer who will work in the Business Development Office to support the main actions related with those two initiatives.
14 Jan 2019
ESRF |Grenoble | France
Postdoctoral Fellow in X-Ray optics and ultrafast spectroscopy
For a collaboration between Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology LMN and the X-Ray Free Electron Laser Facility SwissFEL Paul Scherrer Institute PSI are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow in X-Ray optics and ultrafast spectroscopy
Villigen PSI - Switzerland