Focused Ion Beam

Lithography & Patterning (Electron and ion beam lithography)

The common FIB Workstation is a high resolution FE-SEM combined with a FIB Ga+ column plus a multi channel gas injection system: Pt, C, W, Co, Au and SiOx are some of the usual precursors for ion or electron induced deposition (FIBID/FEBID); and Fluorine, Iodine or H2O are used for enhanced etching. It can be equipped with different detectors: Everhart-Thornley SE, In-lens SE detector, Backscattered Detector, EDX or STEM among others. Such systems are usually equipped with several nanomanipulators which allow both manipulation and electrical contacting in-situ, and an electron beam-blanker and nanolithography capabilities are also an option.

The main application areas are Nanofabrication and prototyping with nanometric resolution, FIB site specific cross sectioning and SEM inspection on a wide variety of samples (electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, biology…), TEM lamellae preparation, circuit editing and electrical and mechanical inspection in vacuum conditions, nanolithography both with ions or electrons... Actually, due to its high performance and accessories different applications are arising continuously.



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LEO-ZEISS Cross-Beam 1540 XB system
High resolution imaging, nano-etching and –deposition, with Ga Ion beam
Ion gun: Ga+
Ion beam voltage: 30 keV Ion beam current: 1pA – 500nA
SE and In-Lens detector available
Max. sample size 4"
EDAX EBS detector for chemical micro analisys Fully integrated Raith Pattern generator for direct Ion Beam Lithography
Zeiss Auriga 60
Standard SEM imaging FIB milling, structuring and micromachining deposition of Platinum, Carbon, SiO2, Tungsten, insulator enhanced etching with XeF2. Preparation of cross-sections, TEM-lamella, APT-tips, samples for Nano-CT Cryo-applications down to - 185 °C AFM-in SEM available, enabling simultaneously scanning with AFM and SEM
Electron Source: Filament: Schottky field emitter Ion Source: Type: UHV, with Gallium liquid metal ion source Resolution a) Electron-Beam: 0.9 nm at 30 kV (optimal working distance, STEM mode) 1.0 nm at 15 kV (optimal working distance) 1.9 nm at 1 kV (optimal working distance) b) Ion-beam: Cobra column: < 2.5nm @ 30 kV Probe Current Range: 4 pA to 20 nA (SEM with integrated HC-DoF-module) (100 nA optional) 1 pA to 50 nA (FIB) Magnification Range: 12x - 1,000,000x (SEM) 300x - 500,000x (FIB)
Acceleration Voltage Range: 0.1 - 30 kV (SEM) 1 - 30 kV (FIB) Adjustment: Continuously variable in 10 Volt steps (SEM)
In-column-detector Type: a) EsB Detector Column-mounted high efficiency scintillator detector with optically coupled photomultiplier for detection of energy and angle selective backscattered electrons. Filtering grid adjustable from 0 V to -1.5 kV for contrast adjustment. b) In-lens Detector High efficiency annular scintillator detector mounted in GEMINI® column with optically coupled photomultiplier. Chamber Detectors Type: a) Everhart-Thornley SE detector with optically coupled photomultiplier. Collector bias adjustable from -250 to +400 V. b) Combined Secondary Electron Secondary Ion (SESI) detector based on a scintillator photomultiplier system; easy change between secondary ion and secondary electron mode by converting the electrode voltage. c) Specimen Current Monitor: 6 range auto ranging for precise current measurement in the area of 1 pA to 10 μA
Specimen Stage Type: 6 inch 6-axes motorised super eucentric, controlled from the SmartSEM™ user interface, operated by a dual joystick integrated in the control panel. The 6th axis (Z’) enables to keep the region of interest in the field of view when changing the stage tilt, even at various working distances. Mounting: Drawer type door Movements*: X = 152 mm Y = 152 mm Z = 50 mm Z’ = 13 mm Tilt = -15 to 70° Rotation = 360° continuous * May be reduced by specimen size and operating conditions Accessory Port: 3 accessory ports at the stage door are provided Specimen Weight: Up to 0.5 kg Touch Alarm: Fischer connector for optional specimen current measurement and audible touch alarm warning with on-screen message Specimen Mounts: One single stub holder and one quick-fit nine position holders for 13 mm diameter stubs