thick films and coatings production

Ink-jet Ink-jet
Inkjet technology uses thermal or piezoelectric nozzle to jet ink drop on demand onto a given substrate for thin film deposition and patterning simultaneously.
SALbL Spray-assisted layer by layer
Spray Assisted Layer-by-Layer assembling coating is a chemical assembling process based on chemical and/or electrostatic interactions which establish between the materials building blocks consisting of polymers and nanoparticles, very useful to realize multifunctional and smart coatings.
SS&RP Screen-stencil & roller printer
In the advanced ceramics field, screen printing represents the main technique for the industrial production of thick films (layers with a thickness between 100 and 1 µm) for microelectronic applications (circuits, conductors, resistors, etc.) due to its simplicity, the high printing definition and the low-cost.
ARC Automated road coater
Rod coater is a simple device which is currently used to develop and scale polymeric coatings formulations to roll-to-roll industrial applications. The multifunctional and smart polymeric coating formulations made of polymers, nanoparticles and suitable additives, are deposited on different by means of a rod bar able to deposit different thickness.
Tape casting Tape casting
Tape casting is a simple and versatile shaping technique that allows the production of planar sheet of ceramic or other materials with thickness ranging between 30 µm to 1.5 mm.