Neutron characterisation

NI** Neutron Imaging (temporarily unavailable)
Neutron imaging allows performing radiography and tomography with fields of view ranging from 20 to 100mm. In the case of large objects need to be measured, radiography can be performed with a field of view of 200x400mm². Several types of sample environment can be provided to the users thank to the large table for the sample holder.
ND** Neutron Diffraction (temporarily unavailable)
Neutron diffractometers are well adapted to take measurements on powders, poly-crystals, liquids and amorphous materials. These experiments enable to determine: 1) in crystals, the symmetry of the cell and the average position and space occupied by each atom, 2) in disordered systems, pair correlation functions. Also hydrogen can be detected.
SANS** Small Angle Neutron Scattering (temporarily unavailable)
SANS produced by nano-objects enables to measure the size of the scattering objects between 0.1 et 100 nm. Built to characterise large size objects, SANS spectrometers measure the quantity of neutrons scattered «near the forward direction», that is to say resulting from a process characterised by very small transfers of momentum.
NR** Neutron Reflectivity (temporarily unavailable)
NR is dedicated to the study of interfaces. The reflected intensity at grazing angle of a non polarized white neutron beam is measured as a function of wavelength. The variation of reflectivity is linked to the concentration profile perpendicular to the interface. Thickness (1-500nm), composition and roughness (1-20nm) of each layer are determined.