UMIL Università degli Studi di Milano is an Italian State-university and leading research institution active on a wide range of different disciplines from science to humanities.  Inside UMIL and relevant to the project are the Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical group and the Molecular beams and nano-crystalline Materials laboratory.

The Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical group has a significant track record in the field of Theoretical Spectroscopy, with special emphasis to methods that give access to excited state electronic properties. In more detail, our expertise covers the calculation of neutral and charged electronic excitations within many-body perturbation theory (MBPT), also solving the GW-Bethe-Salpeter equation; the calculation of electronic transport properties by means of equilibrium and non-equilibrium Green’s Functions methods; and the study of non-equilibrium dynamics of atomic degrees of freedom by mean of nanoscale Molecular Dynamics tools. 

The Molecular beams and nano-crystalline Materials laboratory (LGM, belonging to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Nano-structured Materials and Interfaces - CIMaINa and to the Physics Department of UNIMI) participating to this project is active since about 20 years in the field of nano-structured materials synthesis via nano-particle deposition. The laboratory introduced original techniques, which led to the filing of national and internationalpatents and to industrial exploitation by two spin-off companies (Tethis S.p.A and Wise s.r.l), now fully independent. The laboratory has pioneered the application of aerodynamic separation concepts and techniques to supersonic cluster beams for the purpose of nano-particle filtering, and for the production of high intensity particle beams suitable for materials deposition via CBD (Cluster beam Deposition).