Ny Munkegade 120, Building 1520- Aarhus C- Denmark

ISA, the Centre for Storage Ring Facilities that operates the synchrotron radiation source ASTRID2, is part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. ISA has provided access to synchrotron radiation beam lines since the early 1990s.

ASTRID2, in operation since 2014, is a 3rd generation light source with two undulators and one Multi-Pole-Wiggler, operating in top-up mode, which provides spectacularly bright radiation in the scarcely available lowenergy range from the infra-red to 1,000 eV. ASTRID2 operates annually for more than 5,000 hours supplying beam for users. Synchrotron radiation is provided to specialized end-station experiments with an array of monochromators with resolving powers in the range of 1000 to >20,000. Currently, ASTRID2 simultaneously serves 6 beamlines, of which two are offered under the NFFA Europe Pilot (NEP).