Nano-Object Transfer & Positioning

Lithography & Patterning (Patterning, replication, and sample navigation)

The offer comprises an advanced marker design tailored to specific requirements, the subsequent deposition of the markers by electron beam induced deposition (EBID), and a software tool that translates the position coordinates between the nano-science instruments via the marker system.

EBID markers are deposited using platinum (Pt) containing precursor material, making them suitable for localization by electron or X-ray excited Pt fluorescence, absorption, and their topography contrast. Markers are typically a few 10 mµ long, 15 µm wide and 0.1-1 µm thick and can be easily adapted to other specific need. The position coordinates are generated by a high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope or an optical light microscope equipped with a translation stage and a digital readout of the lateral and height stage coordinates.

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