Thermal conductivity/diffusivity

Nano to Micro/Macro (Thermal analysis)

Laser Flash method is suitable for thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurement (the specific heat being determined by comparison with standards) for materials spanning from about 0.1 W/mK up to 1000 W/mK.

The operating temperature range is from room temperature up to 1100 ° C. The instrument allows operating in air, inert atmosphere or under vacuum, depending on the sample requirements.


Laser Flash method is, for most materials, very accurate: below 3% for thermal diffusivity and 5% for specific heat (giving a typical 7% accuracy for thermal conductivity.

The system needs small size samples (discs of 10mm, 1 or ½ inch diameter or 10 mm side squares, with few millimetre thickness).

By means of adequate sample preparation the discrimination on in-plane and through-plane thermal diffusivity, for materials with anisotropic thermal properties, is also possible.
The technique allows for rapid measurements.

Transparent materials (both in the visible region or in the infrared range) could also be measured, after thin gold layer deposition.

Laser flash (CNR-ICMATE)