Thermoelectric properties (temporarily unavailable)

Nano to Micro/Macro (Electrical analysis)

Thermoelectric materials developing require the full characterization of thermoelectric properties: Seebeck coefficient (α), electrical conductivity (σ) and thermal conductivity (λ). The developed setup allows for the simultaneous accurate measurement of electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient on small (1-2cm) bulk samples, from room temperature up to 800°C.  Together with thermal conductivity (Laser Flash Analysis) these give the thermoelectric figure of merit. The setup operates under inert atmosphere (He or Ar).

A test station for thermoelectric modules is also available. It is conceived for testing modules from room temperature to 100°C at the cold side and up to 600°C at the hot side.  Modules with a footprint <= 60 x 60 mm2 can be tested, with simultaneous measurement of thermal flux and electrical power output, necessary for the efficiency assessment. The continuous monitoring of the applied pressure, with load cells, enable thermal contact resistance study.