Electronic & Chemical & Magnetic Characterization (Magnetic characterisation)

The facility provides an automated MagLab-EXA multi-measurement system for all your nanomaterials characterization needs that allows a user to assess his/her material’s potential in exploitable nanotechnology. A modular set of analytical probes (AC/DC magnetometry, magneto-transport, Hall effect etc) is made available to identify technologically useful quantum mechanical phenomena for designing materials (e.g. semiconductors, metals, magnetic oxides) with optimal device operational capabilities, such as in magnetic storage technology, spin electronics, quantum computing etc.

MagLab-EXA is a state-of-art facility that probes cooperative microscopic mechanisms (e.g. magnetic/electric dipole order, electronic transport) in nanomaterials governed by multiple length and time scales.

MagLab-EXA provides the user with a high specification, low-temperature (1.8-320 K), high magnetic field (0-7 Tesla), modular sample environment for a wide variety of physical property measurements by using different probes and materials

in different nanoscale morphologies, from films to nanocrystals.

A non-exhaustive list of possible routine measurements as a function of temperature and applied magnetic field, involves: AC susceptibility (0.01-10 kHz), DC moment extraction, Resistivity and Hall effect, van derPauw measurements, dielectric permittivity (up to 2 MHz) and DC polarization. Importantly, the software measurement sequencer provides a set of high level actions to enable you to write and control measurement sequences that suit your own specific requirements, therefore facilitating custom-designed experiments of interest to the user.

          provided at NFFA-Europe laboratories by:
Quantum Design PPMS System
Standard and VSM