Multispectral Imaging

Electronic & Chemical & Magnetic Characterization (Spectro-microscopy)

Multispectral imaging is the measurement of the surface reflectivity in each pixel from a full field of view. It can be used to characterize materials with spatial variability like pigments on painted surfaces, or materials that have suffered stresses like temperature, which alter their chemical composition.

The infrastructure has the possibility to implement quantitative detection and mapping of chemical characteristics through multi - spectral imaging using XpeCAM X01 system. 

XPECAM X01 exploits a wide range of 28 wavelength bands across the near ultraviolet to the infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing the study of materials, their deterioration, and extract spectral information at selected areas from 350 nm to 1200 nm, with a spatial resolution of 5M Pixels.

The multispectral imaging system can also be coupled to the Raman confocal microscope enabling the microscopic multispectral imaging of samples under various magnifications. In this case, the spectral sensitivity range is limited to 400 nm - 800 nm.

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