Surface defect inspection

Structural & Morphology Characterization (Surface/overlayer/interface characterisation)

High sensitivy magnetic sensors (GMR or TMR sensors)

This automated multipurpose XYZ table can be equipped with several different reading heads for areal and volumetric inspection of magnetic materials. Several configurtions are available:

1) One configuration includes a reading head equipped with a magnetoresistive sensor and an excitation coil for Eddy current detection.

2) Another configuration makes use of a tunnel magnetoresistive sensor for 2D magnetic surface mapping. Permanent magnets can be coupled to this system for inspection of soft ferromagnetic samples. The working space comprises an area of 25 x 30 cm2 with a spatial resolution down to 8 µm. This system can be used, for example, for detection of buried defects in steel sheets or map the magnetic field of a surface with a magnetic signature.

 Other custom reading heads and tools can also be fitted to extend the range of functionalities.

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