Porous Materials Characterization

Structural & Morphology Characterization (Surface/overlayer/interface characterisation)

The TPR/TPD/TPO combines affordability and automation and offers compact, bench-top materials characterization using automated flow methods of analysis, including pulse titration.

Fully automated analysis sequences are programmed using the instrument’s software. Titrations for the metal area and dispersion determination use a new automatic loop injector and automatic gas switching. Furnace temperature ramping provides for temperature-programmed methods (TPR, TPD, TPO, TPSR-known collectively as TPX) and sample preparation, both including rapid furnace cooling using forced air for higher throughput.

The resulting data from TPR/TPD/TPO can be used to:

  • Confirm or predict catalyst activity
  • Determine optimal catalyst preparation conditions for industrial use
  • Measure efficiency of regeneration of used catalysts
  • Quickly screen experimental catalysts
  • Calculate activation energies for a given reaction
  • Determine relative acid strengths
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