Project updates
04 Mar 2024

EOSC Science Clusters publish the Position statement on operational commitment to EOSC and Open Research

The ESFRI Science Clusters have released the Science Clusters Position Statement on operational commitment to EOSC and Open Research.

The ESFRI Science Clusters, which operate as a cluster of clusters in projects such as OSCARS and EVERSE, released the Science Clusters Position Statement on operational commitment to EOSC and Open Research, which articulates the Science Clusters’ vision for the future towards a successful implementation of EOSC, as a result of five years of collaborative efforts, including interactions with the European Commission, the EOSC Association, the ESFRI-EOSC Task Force and the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG).

The document firstly reminds that the Science Clusters prioritise advancing researchers’ access to data, tools, and resources for data-driven science, and contribute to the sustainability of ESFRI and pan-European RIs through the development of a cross-border open innovation environment for FAIR data management and analytical services, respectful of CARE5 (Collective Benefits, Authority to Control, Responsibility and Ethics) principles and attentive to digital security.

The position paper:

  • Acknowledges the progress accomplished, updates the common work plan from 20216 , expresses the Science Clusters' determination to establish thematic community-based ‘EOSC Science Cluster Nodes’, contingent upon resources and explains the potential implications on the interconnection with the EOSC EU Node and national nodes.
  • Emphasises adaptability of the Science Clusters to a unified vision capable of accepting different needs within EOSC and outlines their operational role within the EOSC Federation.
  • Demonstrates the requirement for urgent support of a targeted Science Cluster destination action within Horizon Europe and future framework programmes in order to enable the operational role of the Science Clusters

Prior to its open dissemination, the document was presented and discussed with representatives of key stakeholders, including the EC, ESFRI and EOSC boards, and the EOSC Association in occasion of the ESFRI-EOSC Task Force consultation workshop held on March 1st, 2024.

Read the position paper here.