Project updates

NFFA-Europe next Spring will become PILOT for new schemes of Research Infrastructure: NEP (NFFA-Europe-Pilot)

The impact on European research by the NFFA-Europe consortium will be enhanced and empowered by the novel, strengthened NEP-consortium also enlarged with third parties.

The half-decade 2021-2025 will see a substantial reshaping of the Research Infrastructure services, and a novel structuring effect of the European Research Area.  NFFA-Europe will be a key actor, with recognized innovative approaches to research offer and organization.  The nanosciences will be at the forefront of research both along with blue sky studies on quantum aspects of matter and material assemblies, as well as along the mission-oriented activities of Horizon Europe, addressing complex issues as the great challenges and the needs for a green economy.

NFFA-Europe links the unique competencies of specialized academic laboratories with the larger national and international research organisations and the combined usage of the large scale analytical facilities.

The new partnership of NFFA-Europe-Pilot represents a substantial part of the European resources for nanoscience, with methodological and geographical coverage.

The strengthened organizational structure of NEP (full score in the evaluation!) reflects the complexity of our scope and richness in partners and service providers. Time will show if it is visionary enough to lead us to full success and to positively influence the overall European-way of distributed research infrastructures, even in times of COVID-19, and to be able to reset in the forthcoming post-COVID era.  Our ambition is to confirm and expand the usage of RIs as structural support to research projects. 

We have earned and deserved trust. Trust is now rewarded with recognition and resources.

The best start for an engaging project!


Giorgio Rossi, NFFA-Europe coordinator