Project updates
20 Dec 2017

New eligibility rules for NFFA-Europe proposals

Do you want to employ both neutrons and synchrotron radiation for your analyses? Are you focused on theory? Are you an SME? This news might be of interest to you!

Though a minimum of two installations is required for a proposal to be eligible for access to NFFA-Europe, limited exceptions have been introduced to meet the needs of specific categories of users. Namely, are considered also eligible:

  • Proposals that need combined access to fine analysis - e.g. employing both neutrons and synchrotron radiation at Large Scale Facilities to investigate the same sample system - even though the requested techniques belong to the same installation.
  • Proposals requesting access to theoretical installations only,  if they address recent experimental results obtained at facilities other than NFFA-Europe's ones or requesting access to multi-scale/multi-physics simulations, if they combine at least two independent computational methods (e.g. electronic ground-state and excited-state approaches, molecular dynamics and electronic structure, structural and spectroscopic properties...). However, priority is given to proposals asking for combined access to experimental and theoretical NFFA installations (standard NFFA-Europe access rules).
  • Proposals by SMEs requesting access to just one installation.