Project updates
04 Oct 2017

New capabilities available at NFFA-Europe

Novel approaches and experimental setups expand the lithography & patterning as well as characterization of NFFA-Europe

Two new bottom-up approaches for lithography & patterning will further expand the full set of top-down lithography techniques available at NFFA-Europe: Atomic Force Microscopy Lithography, which provides a live 3D pattern writing during the fabrication process and Block copolymer lithography, which allows performing direct surface pattern transfer at the nanoscale with high ease of process, high spatial resolution and high throughput.

In-operando spectroscopy is now available at the APE beamline of CNR-IOM to determine surface structures of heterogeneous catalysts under relevant reaction conditions by means of Ambient Pressure soft X-rays Absorption Spectroscopy. The offer of spectroscopic imaging is further enriched with two experimental stations installed at the Elettra synchrotron: FTIR spectroscopy/microscopy at SISSI beamline for chemical mapping of large areas with very low radiation damage and SPEM at ESCA Microscopy beamline to investigate processes such as chemical reactions and mass transport, occurring at morphologically/chemically complex solid surfaces.