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The Trieste Advanced Data Services (TriDAS) is a collection of data services based on data analytics and machine learning. It offers five distinct services:

STM Explorer / SEM Explorer

The Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) Explorer and the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Explorer offer interactive data visualisation of a database of STM and SEM images, respectively. The images were enriched with a set of meaningful metadata. This way, the users can query the database to retrieve a set of images of interest, selected according to a predefined list of common attributes. It is possible to explore and assess the images (quantile plot, scatter plot, tabular view, image rendering) before downloading them for further analysis.

Overview of the interactive data visualisation available in the STM Explorer

STM Similarity / SEM Similarity

The STM Similarity and the SEM Similarity employ the Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). They allow the users to input an STM or SEM image, respectively, and to quickly find the most similar images relevant for their purposes from the available database.

The input SEM image (left) and the most similar images (right) retrieved from the dataset by the SEM Similarity service

SEM Classifier

The SEM Classifier performs an automatic classification of the input SEM image, based on a ResNet50 model trained on a dataset of classified SEM images. The advantage provided by the service is a uniform image classification based on given categories, which optimises the data management practices, in particular the data findability.

Input SEM image (left) and list of categories assigned by the SEM Classifier, sorted from the highest to the lowest rate (right)


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