Pilot Schools

on Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies

1st Pilot Training School

INL and FORTH are glad to announce the first edition of the Pilot training school devoted to "Fine-analysis tools for nanocharacterization".

Open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, including technicians & engineers, and, in general, to all scientists from academic and industrial communities interested in acquiring knowledge and hands-on experience about the instruments and techniques offered by NFFA-Europe.

The training school will emphasize possibilities and synergies, using different Fine Analysis techniques for nanocharacterization of materials or devices.

Partecipants will be selected on the basis of their scientific and technical background.

INL, Braga - Portugal
September 27-28th 2022


The aim of this program is to promote the use of instruments and the knowledge of techniques available within the consortium through lectures on the following topics given by experts from across Europe:

Electron Microscopy (TEM and SEM)

Electron and X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX, EELS, XPS)

FIB (Sample preparation and analysis)

Synchrotron-based techniques

Ultrafast optical spectroscopy

Nanoparticle characterization

The two day training program will include a visit to the TEM, SEM, FIB and XPS instruments at the dedicated INL facility.
Lesson will be held exclusively in English.


Important Dates


Application Deadline


Notification to Successful applicants

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CV, poster proposal, academic reference from the supervisor

Travel Grant

Student travel support

Student can apply for free travel support. The allocation and amount (up to 600€) will be proportionally allocated to a maximum of 5 students, selected by the Organizing Commitee. The support will never exceed the actual costs incurred



Hotel Lamaçães
is located close to INL. To see other available options, please have a look at the PDF

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