Università degli Studi di Milano

UMIL integrates two NFFA-EU offers, being part of installations 2 (Growth and Synthesis) and 3 (Theory and Simulation). 

The UMIL experimental expertise and competences in Growth and Synthesis are offered by   the LGM laboratory hosted within the Physics Department. They are focused on cluster and molecular beam physics (CBD - Cluster Beam Deposition and FSP – Flame Spray Pyrolisis), particularly  fabrication and characterization of nanostructured materials with applications in biomedicine, renewable energy, and robotics materials.

On the other hand, UMIL integrates the theoretical expertises and competences offered by the Solid State Physics Theory Group of the Physics Department, contributing to the Theory and Simulation installation. We focus on Density-Functional based calculations of  Structural and Ground State Electronic Properties , Molecular dynamics simulations  and nanofriction physics (Atoms and Molecules in Motion), and  Excited State Properties computed within first-principle methods, using Green Functions-based Many Body Perturbation Theory approaches  and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory).  We also offer ab-initio  Transport Properties calculations based on the Landauer approach.