NanoImprint Lithography

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NIL is a novel technique for the fabrication of nanostructures on large surfaces. The method is based on the excellent replication fidelity obtained with polymers. Once a solid stamp with a nanorelief on the surface is fabricated it can be used for the replication of many identical surface patterns. It therefore circumvents many limitations of conventional photolithography. Both thermal NIL into various thermoplastic materials and UV-assisted NIL, e.g. for the fabrication of stamp copies are available with sub-10 nm resolution. Imprint-based solutions can be used for a wide variety of applications and areas such as optics (refractive and diffractive elements, photonics, plasmonics, liquid crystals), biology (templates for cell growth, protein patterning, and crystallization), micro- and nanofluidics (for analysis of transport through lipid bilayers), surface wetting (via modification of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties) etc.


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NIL 6 inch system - Obducat  (306)

Thermal and UV-imprint with high resolution


Resolution up to 20 nm with pattern transfer

Alignment accuracy: 0.5 µm or better

Samples are typically 1, 2 inch in diameter, the maximum size is 6 inch

Pressure up to 50 bar for thermal imprint

Commonly used technique: IPS-STU process


Jenoptic HEX 03 hot press @ Laboratory for Micro and Nanotechnology

Thermal imprint and UV-assisted replication processes

Jenoptic HEX 03 hot press

Pressing force 200kN

Embossing temperature up to 320°C

Molding of thermoplastic polymers with resolution <10 nm

Optical alignment with 3 μm overlay accuracy for double sided aligned embossing

4" wafers and chips, normally 1x1 or 2x2 mm2

Flux measurement before exposures

Embossing under vacuum

Spin-coater, wet-bench, hot-plates, microscope


Automatic lab press

Thermal and UV-Nano Imprinting Lithography

Automatic lab presse Webber PW equipped with an external electro-hydraulic supply station

Automatic lab UV press equipped together with an integrated pneumatic supply station

Max Press force: 35 kN

Temperature range: 18-300°C

Primary exposure wavelength: 254 nm

Samples: 6” plates

Vacuum imprint tool with integrated heater

The system is equipped with an external electro-hydraulic supply station. Press and supply station are connected with hydraulic tubes and quick lock components. Water cooling system.

Two-hand safety control panel, security protection device, rise of pressure adjustable, additional manometer, hand pump, pressure release valve, digital display PRESSTRONIC for force- and pressure-sensors for exact reading of the press force easier.  Peak storage and a serial PC-interface


NIL 4 inch system - Obducat (N4)

Thermal imprint with high resolution

Imprint by air to achieve high resolution and uniformity

1-80bar pressure and up to 350ºC

Resolution up to 20 nm with pattern transfer

Samples from 2mm x 2mm up to 4 inch

Temperature and Pressure control and monitoring

Spinners and hot-plates for resist preparation