Inelastic X-ray Scattering

Characterisation Installation 5
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Inelastic X-ray scattering (IXS) permits to analyse several aspects of the dynamics of materials. The techniques involved include Compton scattering, X-ray Raman scattering, and resonant inelastic scattering. In this way, electron momentum densities and atomic bonding can be probed and also magnetic excitations or electronic localised or collective states and electronic band-structures.


WARNING: Access to DESY temporarily not available, but the technique is available at the other sites



          provided at Large Scale Facilities by:

IXS, NRS - P01 Beamline @ Petra III Synchrotron

Absorption and Nuclear Resonant Scattering

5-70 keV

Energy resolution from 1 meV - 1eV


IXS - ADRESS Beamline @ Swiss Light Source Synchrotron

Soft-X-ray radiation, Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) and ARPES

Fixed-gap undulator, circular and 0-180o variable linear polarization, flux on sample up to 1013 ph/s/0.01%BW/400 mA, spot size 10x74 µm2 (ARPES); 4x52 µm2 (RIXS)

300 - 1600 eV

PHOIBIOS-150 analyser, constant angular dispersion through the whole operative energy range

Better than 0.07o at 1 keV; up to 33000 (E/ΔE, 1 keV)

CARVING manipulator

Temperatures down to 10.5 K


Transfer chamber equipped with LEED, load-lock, low-T cleavage, preparation chamber: gas exposure, ion bombardment, heating up to 1000oC, and thin film deposition


IXS, HAXPES - Galaxies Beamline @ Soleil Synchrotron

Inelastic x-ray scattering and hard x-ray photoemission, resolution<100meV